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Designer. Fiber Artist. Painter. Creator. 


I am an emerging Canadian fibre artist based in Toronto. My work is created by needle felting layer upon layer of Merino wool onto a wool pad (substrate).  


I have a busy mind. A very busy mind that is prone to anxiety and depression if not managed. Using my hands to create has created a calming and introspective experience for me. This medium has allowed me to find solace in observing the often-overlooked details amidst our hectic lives. 


My work is about finding delight in the unpredictable, that moment when you look at a piece and think "Wait… what medium am I looking at?” And the surprise in realizing its fibre. 


I want my work to offer a fresh outlook on what fibre art can be – another form of ‘Fine Art’. Suspending judgment, creating acceptance, and thinking differently,  tying into my own mental health struggles and triumphs throughout my life.




  • Best in Fine Art, Danforth East Arts Fair 2023


Art Fairs​

  • One of a Kind Christmas Show: Nov 23-Dec 3

  • Danforth East Arts Fair: Sept 16-17

  • Cabbagetown Art and Crafts Show: Sept 8-10

  • NOTL Artistry on the Lake: July1-3, 2023

  • Riverbrink Art Museum: June 17-18, 2023

  • Riverdale Art Walk: June 3-4, 2023

  • Signatures Beaches Art's & Craft: June 10-11, 2023

  • Beaches Artisan Market: May 14, 11-5 , 2023

  • The One Of A Kind Spring Show - Enercare Center Exhibition Place, Toronto, 2023


  • The One Of A Kind Winter Show - Enercare Center Exhibition Place, Toronto, 2022

  • Roncesvalles UC Christmas Arts & Crafts Market, Toronto, 2022

  • Danforth East Arts & Craft Fair, East Lynne Park, Toronto, 2022

  • Cabbagetown Art Festival, Riverdale Park West, Toronto, 2022 


Group Exhibitions​

  • Art a la Carte at the Legislative Assembly, Toronto, 2024

  • Canadian Production Design Exhibit, DGC, Toronto, 2023

  • Blue Crow 7th Annual Juried Summer Group Show, Toronto, 2023

  • WEFT Fibre Art Show, Three Sisters Cultural Centre, St. Jacobs, 2023

  • Ontario Society of Artists’ 2023 Emerging Artists Juried Exhibition, Toronto, 2023

  • Blue Crow 6th Annual Juried Summer Group Show, Toronto, 2022

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